How to chunk load on FTB Horizons and Age of Engineering servers

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This page describes chunk loading only on the servers listed in the title. Click here for the other method used in MMCC.


Instead of using modded chunk-loaders, Modded Minecraft Club has its own plugin for keeping chunks loaded: MMCCChunkLoader. This plugin provides more control to the server administrators to allow us to better ensure that excessive chunk loading will not cause lag.

This plugin allows each player to force-load up to 18 chunks.

It should also be noted that a player's force-loaded chunks will only be loaded when that player is online, and that only one player may force-load each chunk.


To get started chunkloading your area, press F3+G. This vanilla keybind will allow you to see chunk borders.

Simply stand in the desired chunk and type /loadchunk in your chat.


MMCCChunkLoader Commands list
/loadchunk Enables chunkloading for the specific chunk you are standing in.
/unloadchunk Unloads the chunk you are standing in.
/loadedlist Gives you a list of all the loaded chunks you force-load.
/chunktp <x> <y> Teleports you to a specified chunk. Do not use this command unless you have flight and make sure you are flying before you use it.