How to earn the Member rank

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When first joining the server, players are given the Guest rank.

Member is a rank that can be accessed for free by all players. Note that the Ironman rank is also available on GTNH.

How to be promoted

To become a member, you simply need to establish yourself as part of the server by building a few basic machines. As with any complex modpack, our modpack allows for many ways to accomplish the same thing. The basic task you must perform to become a member is to make an ore processing setup that meets the following requirements:

  1. It has a single input and a single output,
  2. It duplicates ores (one ore to at least two ingots).
A basic, valid ore processing setup
Another basic setup, using Ender IO
Another basic setup, using IndustrialCraft 2
Another basic setup, using Tinkers' Construct
The power source can be something like a coal-based generator, provided you have plenty of fuel (at the discretion of a staff member, but usually about a stack is good), and/or a renewable resource such as solar power and battery setup that is able to keep your ore processing powered 24/7.

Chunk loading is not required.

Once you have these things setup, ask a staff member in Discord to verify by posting in #member-apps and they will promote you to the member rank or explain to you what you are missing, when they are available. When verifying through Discord, you will also need to show your FTBU Claim (See: Claiming). The member rank is a rank given to those who have shown they have a basic understanding of the modpack and have spent time on the server.

The exceptions to this are:

- Chemical Exchange: You need to complete the Manufactory quest.

- Enigmatica 2: Expert: Setup does not have to double ore output.

- Omnifactory: Optional: instead of ore doubling, you can have any LV machine and an appropriate power setup as described above.

- FTB: Interactions: Get access to the overworld.

- Compact Claustrophobia: Complete the "Infinite Tiny Rooms" quest.

Perks of the Member rank

Once you have been promoted to a member, you gain access to the following additional features:

  • The ability to set greeting and farewell messages on your claim(s),
  • The ability to "log in" to Discord in-game to allow your messages to appear to be said by you in the Discord interface,
  • The ability to name your claims,
  • The ability to subdivide your claims and provide more fine-grained permission in that way,
  • The ability to set up infinite /home points.
  • (If applicable) The ability to access Member-only Mob Farms (e.g. Enderman, Nether, etc.)