How to earn the Ironman rank

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An example of the Ironman tag in game.

Please note, this is only available on the GregTech: New Horizons server.

When first joining the server, players are given the Guest rank.

Ironman is a rank that can be accessed for free by all players.

Once you become an Ironman, you have the ability to request that the rank be removed. Though please note this is permanent and you will not be able to become an Ironman again.

How to be promoted

Much like the Member rank, you can apply by posting in #member-apps in Discord and you will be promoted to the Ironman rank when a staff member is available.

Unlike Member rank, this role does not have any pre-requisites and can be requested as soon as your join the server.

Perks of the Ironman rank

Once you have been promoted to Ironman, you gain access to the following additional features:

  • The inability to set and teleport to homes,
  • The inability to teleport to other players and the inability to allow them to teleport to you,
  • The inability to teleport to spawn and public warps,
  • The inability to use /back, including after death,
  • A shiny, golden [Ironman] tag and Discord role,
  • And some extra satisfaction in all of your achievements.