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Welcome to the Modded Minecraft Club Wiki!
This wiki contains all of the information you need to know about Modded Minecraft Club. If you wish to make an edit, please propose it to a staff member on Discord or on our Forums. Editing rights are given out to staff members only.

About the Server

Modded Minecraft Club is a network with an emphasis on community and the player. Our goal is to create a safe, respectful, lag-free, fun, player-versus-environment, SMP community in Modded Minecraft. To accomplish this, we have a good staff team, moderator guidelines to keep them in check, and well thought out rules. See the quick links section below for more information.

Server IPs

You can see current versions for each modpack here.


All The Mods 7 →
All The Mods Gravitas →
Stone Block 3 →


Nomifactory: GTCEu →


Gregtech New Horizons →
Gregtech New Horizons Ironman →

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