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FTBUtilities' Map

Claiming on FTB Revelations, Enigmatica 2: Expert, and StoneBlock 2

On all servers the protected plots of land where players build are called "claims". A claim is a predefined area in the world, assigned to a player, that is protected from breaking/placing of blocks by other players or by the environment.

FTBUtilities Claiming & Chunkloading Map

To get started with claiming your own piece of land, open your inventory (keybound to E by default) and click this icon in the top-left corner of your screen: Icon.png. A map of your surrounding shall open.

On this map, simply click on the chunks that you want to claim for yourself.

In order to chunkload your claimed chunks, shift-click the area that you want to be chunkloaded. The blue border that your claimed chunks have will turn red, signaling that you have started chunkloading that specific chunk. Keep in mind that you can only keep loaded the chunks that you claim.

To learn more about chunkloading, please visit the official wiki page of FTBUtilities.

Trusting other players

You may at some point decide that you want to allow other players to access your claims. You can do this by adding a player to your team. To do this, click on the + button in your inventory. Here, you can use the FTBUtilities interface to add someone to your team. You can then set whether members of your team have access to building, accessing containers such as chests, or using devices such as levers.


Some players may prefer to learn land claiming from a video. As such, here is a video to show how claiming works. Pleas be aware, however, that this video is not specific to MMCC and some minor details may be different.

Claiming on SevTech: Ages

Things are a little bit different on the Sevtech: Ages server.

First you must create a team using: /team create [team name]

Then you can bring up the in-game chunk border view by pressing F9 on your keyboard. Stand in the chunk(s) you wish to claim or unclaim, then use: /chunks claim /chunks unclaim

For chunk loading claimed chunks use: /chunks load /chunks unload

Keep in mind that you have to go through this process for every single chunk of land that you wish to claim.

To join a team or invite trusted players to your team, use: Team Owner /team status [player] invited Invited Player /team join [team name]

Why is it different on SevTech: Ages?

The Feed the Beast Utilities mod is unfortunately not compatible with the default SevTech: Ages modpack.

However, through lots of testing by our staff, we were able to find a stable, server sided version with full support for all features. The GUI in the client sided version can crash SevTech: Ages clients.

Alternatively, FTBUtils features can be used via commands on the SevTech: Ages server.

Although users have reported that by installing Forge 1.12.2-, FTBLib, and FTBUtilities you should be able to get the client running smoothly. Please note that this is not supported and you should do so at your own risk.