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Downloading the Curse Launcher

In order to get started, go to the Feed The Beast website and download the Curse launcher or the FTB (Legacy) launcher.

The FTB Homepage

Installing the Curse Launcher

Run the downloaded setup file, which will begin the installation process after you have accepted the EULA. The Client installer may have to update your .NET framework – it will do so automatically. The client may need to undergo an update when logging in for the first time. It will automatically restart and install the latest update for you. Shortcuts will place a Curse Client shortcut on your desktop Please note that you will need a account in order to use the Curse Client. You can register for a free account on or on the Client login page.

Using the Curse Launcher

You can find an entire tutorial on how to download the desired modpack over at

The Curse App

Pack version

By rule, we will always use the latest Release version of the modpacks on our servers. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to update to a new version. For those scenarios, the current versions are listed here:

  • Horizons
    • Minecraft version 1.12.2
    • Modpack version 1.2.1 (subject to change)
  • FTB Beyond
    • Minecraft version 1.10.2
    • Modpack version 1.11.0 (subject to change)
  • Age of Engineering
    • Minecraft version 1.10.2
    • Modpack version 1.1.1c (subject to change)
  • Direwolf20
    • Minecraft version 1.12.2
    • Modpack version 1.7.1 (subject to change)


  • FTB Horizons III:
  • FTB Beyond:
  • Age of Engineering: