Importing FTB Modpacks from the FTB App

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Step 1.

  • Download the FTB App and MultiMc.
  • Set MultiMc and FTB App up.
  • Install the FTB pack you are looking to import.

Step 2.

MultiMc's Instance Creation Page
MultiMc's Instance Customization Page
Adding forge to the vanilla instance
  • Make an instance on MultiMc of the game version that the pack requires and then add the forge version it requires.
  • To find the forge version the pack requires, you need to go into the pack's folder and then find the *changelogs* folder, then go to the version you have installed and it should detail the forge version.
  • (Detailed in the pictures is a creation of the modpack "FTB: Interactions" version 2.0 with the correct forge version highlighted.)

Step 3.

FTB App's settings page
  • Find the location of your FTB instances, which you can find the file path in the settings page.

Step 4.

  • Navigate to the file folder for the FTB pack you are importing and go into the one that has a name of letters and numbers.
  • Copy everything inside of that folder.
  • Paste it into the MultiMC instance's .minecraft folder and overwrite anything it requests you to.