Problematic Setups And Solutions

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This page lists problematic setups from across modpacks that MMCC has hosted. If you're doing something similar to a problematic setup that is listed in this page, you are required to resolve the problem in some way, see the rules for more details. Suggestions for techniques are included.

Problematic Setups & Solutions in Current Servers

  • Vanilla:
    • Squid Farm (Skyblock): This farm consists of squids spawning in a water column and falling down to their deaths, usually by suffocation or the fall itself. If the killing method or the item collection method is not working correctly, it can cause an influx of entities (item or mob entities). The overflow of mobs can be avoided by making sure the way they die is a guaranteed fatal drop from the lowest spawning space. The overflow of items can be avoided by either having a drawer with a void upgrade or an item conduit to a lower priority trash can or some other way of voiding items. [Image:]
    • Mob Farm: This farm simply consists of spawning mobs and then killing them in any way possible. A couple of ways this can cause lag is: no collection of XP, no entity overflow protection, and no item collection / overflow protection. XP can be solved by having an enderio xp vacuum feeding into an XP obelisk (which can hold the 32 bit integer of xp) or if using enderio item conduits, lower priority fluid trashcan. Entity overflow protection can be done by having some sort of entity detector that detects how many entities are in a certain place and turns off the farm if the number gets too high. Item overflow protection can be done by having a lower priority insertion to a trash can or void drawers for items.
  • Immersive Engineering:
    • Garden Cloche: These machines grow crops faster than vanilla with the usage of water and energy. When the cloches get full, they tend to become laggy due to their attempt to continue growing the crop and then attempting to insert the items into the internal inventory. The fix for this is to have a drawer on top of the output slot of the cloche with a void upgrade installed or if using enderio item conduits, a trash can on lower priority to void overflow items. [Image:]
  • Bonsai Pots:
    • Hopping Bonsai Pot: This block creates miniature versions of growable things like trees, sugarcane, and cactus faster than vanilla. These can become laggy when the thing they attempt to put into a full chest / drawer or when there is tons of them. The fix for this is to feed the pots into a 4x4 drawer with a void upgrade attached to it and to limit the amount of bonsai pots that you have.
  • Snad:
    • Snad Farm: Snad is a block that when it receives a block update, will instantly grow the thing on top of it (usually sugarcane or cactus). This can cause lag when the breaking and collection system is not proper. This can be avoided by just simply using an Actually Additions Block Breaker, which will not break blocks if it is full. Another way is a void drawer or if using enderio item conduits, a lower priority trashcan.

Problematic Setups & Solutions in Previous Servers