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Player: NoVac101

Original post (note: this review has been deleted for reason that are unknown to the MMCC staff)

My review: The first two days I was very skeptical of the server. Several crashes in the first hours and the next day the server was rolled back by longer than I had even been playing. But one of the owners impressed the living shit out of me by discovering the issue of a corrupted chunk and having the ability/knowledge to correct it with out any one suffering from lost time! This was a huge step in me deciding that id like to hang around longer. Because Ive watched several servers fall victim of the chunk issues and typically they shut down because the owners should have never started a server to begin with. So now that Im a week into the community, Id report back 10/10! Great group of friendly, fun yet mature players and a very professional team keeping things ticking smoother than a rolex behind the scenes. Thanks for having me and ill be sticking with you guys for as long as Modded Minecraft Club is a thing.