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In order to keep Modded Minecraft Club a more orderly, calm, and happy place, we have instituted several rules. These rules are what we believe to be the minimum required to create a community of the type we intend to create. If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the rules please feel free to post them on our forums or ask them to a staff member.

These rules are divided into two categories: Global Rules (which apply everywhere, on the forum and all servers), voice chat rules (which apply on the voice channel in Discord), and rules specific to each server.


Global Rules

  • No griefing whatsoever, even in unclaimed areas.
  • Claim all builds. See how here here.
  • Do not claim any land unless you intend to build in it. Do not simply claim land features because they look nice. Claiming land to prevent other players from getting to it before you are able to do so is fine, but, a staff member may remove your claim if they feel you are taking too long. Players are free to request such a removal if they see a place that they would like to build.
  • If you want to build a base within 128 blocks along the x or z axis of any other player, you need their permission first.
  • Failure to claim a build will prevent you from obtaining a refund of any items lost if it is griefed. You are guaranteed a refund of lost items if a claimed build is griefed due to a bug in the server or any of its mods.
    • If you trust a player in your claim and they grief you you are not entitled to a refund.
    • Staff may, at their discretion, provide a refund even if you are not entitled to it.
  • Loss of items due to player-at-fault deaths or destruction, (including, but not limited to, destruction from mobs, items/block interactions, and grave destruction) may prevent you from obtaining a refund/rollback of any items lost. This does not include loss of items due to bugs or exploits by other players.
    • Staff may, at their discretion, provide a refund even if you are not entitled to it.
  • No utilizing exploits in the modpack and/or server
    • This rule bans AFK pools, AFK machines, or any device that bypasses the automatic AFK-kick. We need to ensure that players don't load chunks when they are not online, due to Minecraft's limitations.
    • Players may load chunks while offline by voting for the server.
  • Report any and all exploits you find or otherwise become aware of via an email to [email protected] or [email protected] as soon as you are able to do so
  • No slander about other players or people in general (defined as one or more disparaging and false claims)
  • No discussion or participation in illegal activities in Canada, Montreal, Quebec, the United States (including all states) and your location (ie. piracy)
  • No spawn-killing.
  • No spamming, in chat, forum threads, or otherwise.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of bigotry. This will result in an immediate permanent ban
  • No profanity above PG-13 level. This roughly correlates to a single swear word every 2 hours per player (although this is not a hard limit), and no definitions of swear words (jokes that rely on such definitions are also not allowed).
  • Always be respectful to all other players and staff members. Disagreeing constructively is not disrespectful, ad hominem and other such attacks are.
  • The use of alternative accounts to evade punishments or bypass server restrictions such as chunk loading or claiming limits is prohibited. Alternate accounts for other reasons are allowed, however they must be declared to a staff member.
  • Only English is to be spoken in the server chat and on the forums. This is to ensure that our moderators are able to monitor what is being talked about -- we do not want rule-breaking things being discussed. We are open to taking on new bilingual (or more) staff members to allow more languages to be spoken in server chat.
    • When talking to a staff member, you can use whatever language you prefer.
  • Do not pester staff members for free items, ranks, or anything of that nature (except for the member rank).
    • Asking in the case of being griefed, whether or not your build was claimed, is not pestering.
  • To become a member, establish yourself in the world and then talk to a staff member (see this page for more information).
  • A moderator’s say is final on all matters and supersedes what is written in these rules, unless they have violated the Moderator Guidelines and except in the case of an appeal.
    • All appeals must contain new information that was not properly covered by the original moderator. Our definition of "new information" is very open, and essentially only bans extremely basic appeals with no reasoning behind them.
  • Do not attempt to bypass any world borders.
  • If there have been 3 months since you were last on MMCC, your base(s) and other claims are eligible to be transferred to another player. We can exempt you from this rule for extended absences if you notify us ahead of time. If you are interested in taking over a base, please talk to a staff member.
  • RFTools dimensions are not allowed -- at all.
  • Do not attempt to chunk load anything with any chunk loader other than the FTBUtilities mod.
  • Do not attempt to gain off-line chunk loading, except through voting.

Voice Chat Rules

  • Anyone may join the chat, unless a staff member removes them for violating these rules. That means telling someone to leave, unless they are violating these rules, is not allowed. A player may ask another person to leave due to rule violations, however, this is nothing more than a request. If you do not like their non-violating behaviour, you may leave.
  • To ensure that people can participate in the chat who do not want to use their microphone or who do not have one, all participants in that chat must either be in-game on any server and watching its chat or watching the #general text chat on Discord. Failure to do so in a repeated and malicious manner will result in loss of voice chat privileges.
    • To help anyone who prefers to participate without talking, you may be server muted by a staff member upon request to avoid accidentally leaving your microphone unmuted and spilling private information.
  • Do not spam the voice chat. This includes music (you may listen to your own, keep it out of the chat), screaming, excessive background noise or static, and any form of "ear rape".
  • If asked to use push to talk by a staff member, use push to talk. Strongly consider it if asked by another player.

Omnifactory Rules

  • Snad recipe is disabled. Please go to /spawn for info on how to use and obtain it.

FTB Revelation, All The Mods 3: Remix, and Enigmatica 2: Expert Rules

  • RFTools dimensions are not allowed -- at all.
  • When using an RFTools builder as a quarry you must use a clearing quarry card to ensure that other players know that area has been mined and do not attempt to mine it again.
    • When using an RFTools builder in the Nether or in the Deep Dark, you must use a non-clearing quarry card, to prevent flowing blocks. The area will still appear as mined because the netherrack/cobblestone is replaced with dirt.
  • Any activity that damages the world (RFTools builders acting as quarries, harvesting a large area of a forest, plundering a village, etc.) shall be done in the Nether, End, Deep Dark, or Aroma's Mining World to prevent aesthetic damage to the main world and to allow us to easily reset the mining world to bring in new resources without disrupting structures.
    • There is an exception for the area immediately around your house.
  • All worlds except the overworld and space will be reset periodically. As such, you should not place your base there.

Gregtech: New Horizons Rules

  • You may use any chunkloaders in this pack on this server.

Tekkit Lite Rules

  • When using any automated mining (e.g. a Buildcraft quarry), you must place it in the mining world (accessible at /warp mining) to prevent damage to the overworld.
  • Do not attempt to create Mystcraft ages. We don't have the server resources to sustain this.
  • Only chunkload via ChickenChunks or Buildcraft quarries.