Unlimited Lava

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As the rules state, in order to prevent lag, you are not allowed to pump lava from any source (including but not limited to the Nether, lava lakes and any other source). Please note that this does not apply to other liquids.

The recipe for the Creative Drum of Lava (Shapeless)
The recipe for the Pump you need to craft

Instead, we provide all the servers with a custom, server-side added, recipe for a Creative Drum of Lava. You may use this with any fluid transport method you wish in order to provide lava to your machines and contraptions.


All you need to do is craft a Pump from the Ranged Pumps mod (or any other pump that is OreDictionary'd with it) as shown on the right.

Then, place that pump back in any of the 9 crafting slots all by itself and the result will be the Creative Drum of Lava.


Unfortunately, from testing, mods such as JEI, Refined Storage and Applied Energistics 2 do not recognize this recipe and thus you will not find it in the recipe list or be allowed to autocraft it normally.

Instead, a normal crafter block (i.e. Sequential Fabricator from Thermal Expansion) is able to do so with no issue.

  • Be warned that you cannot and may not remove, change or use any exploit involving the fluid inside the Creative Drum. Doing so is a direct breach of the MMCC Rules and therefore any player who attempts this will be punished accordingly.