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Welcome to the Omnifactory Server Page
This page contains various details related to connecting to Omnifactory and any patches/changes applied.

About Omnifactory

Omnifactory is a 1.12.2 GregTechCE/Lost Cites mod-pack, distributed via Curseforge.

The mod-pack was last updated around 1st July 2019 (version 1.2.1) but as no further updates have been provided by the mod-pack owner the player/server community has taken to providing fixes such as depicted below to ensure that the pack runs as smoothly as possible. In most cases these are fixes already deployed in later versions of the mods used by Omnifactory and as such relatively easy to identify and apply with low risk.

Connection Details

Address: →
Pack Version: → 1.2.1
Recommended Memory: → 6GB

Client Patching

Whilst the server has been patched to remediate some performance, recipe and stability issues there is presently no mandatory requirement to apply changes to the client. However if you wish to see the fixed recipes in the server section depicted correctly a set of updated scripts can be downloaded **here** and applied to your client scripts folder.

Server Patching

The following performance related patches have been applied:

  • GregTechCE Multipart Recipe Scan related Lag, typically affects Assembler and Alloy Smelter
  • AE2 cascading recipe rebuild on block/cable change. (Resolving this has allowed MMCC to disable AE2 channels again at the recent OF reset)

The following functional issues have been resolved:

  • GregTechCE Invisible block in front of turbine rotor causing turbine inaction
  • GregTechCE Robot arm settings loss
  • GregTechCE Inverted machine cover inaction

Recipe changes/fixes:

  • Mote of Omnium: Craft-able from fluid in a solidifier with a ball mold
  • Dragon Mill and Iron Drum recipes re-enabled
  • Advanced Rocketry Oxygen Vent, CO2 Scrubber - Motor replaced with EV Motor, Rotor replaced with Titanium Rotor - See Note 1.
  • Advanced Rocketry Carbon Collection Cartridge - Plate replaced with Heavy Steel Plate - See Note 1.


1. These are 'blind' recipes. To use them place them in the crafting table and click on what will be an empty output slot to get the item. It is NOT recommended that these items be automated in AE2. Its also worth noting that repeated use may lead to a need to restsrt client but as these items are infrequently created it is considered an acceptable workaround to allow Space Station enablement.

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